Barclays Premier League 2018 Preview

With today marking the first day of the EPL, much hope and excitement is on the horizon for the EPL’s fans. With the three new teams making the biggest splashes in the summer transfer window (money spent wise), many have wondered if this will flip the script of the new season. Never before have smaller clubs spent the amounts that they have. The biggest surprise of the season may come from the newly promoted squad, Fulham. Having spent over $100 million this summer, Fulham has sent a message to the rest of the league. They are not satisfied with just making it up to the Premier League, they want to have success and ensure another relegation is not in their future, at least for the time being.

As previously mentioned, Fulham made excellent moves this offseason. They became the fist promoted club to spend over $100 million in the summer transfer window. With the moves and additions Fulham has made, I think they will be the surprise team of the year. While they will not finish in the top 5, I believe that they will finish in the top 8. As the game continues to grow and smaller club owners become more willing to shell out cash, Fulham can very well become a model club for newly promoted clubs to follow.


Around the rest of the league, I think that it will be Liverpool crowned champions. They had a fantastic summer transfer window and made their team even more dangerous. Following them will be Manchester City, Manchester United, and Arsenal. I believe that Arsenal will find success this year after an uncharacteristic season last year. Chelsea will place fifth, while Tottenham will finish sixth. Tottenham simply did not keep up with the other teams of the league by choosing not to make any transfers. They will pay for it.


Now for the bottom three of the table and those who will be relegated. Newcastle will find them selves in the relegation zone at the season’s close, as well as Huddersfield Town, and Southampton. If any of these teams are to stave off relegation, my pick would be Southampton. But for now, they are one of my three for relegation.


Its time to sit back and enjoy what will be a memorable season. It should be a lot closer at the top this year, making for some critical and spectacular late season fixtures. Here’s to the season and welcoming all the excitement it comes with!

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